Amidst all other things that Women’s Day or week is all about, it is also a good time to sit back, sip on that cuppa of hot cocoa and run through all the stories that applaud all the edgy work that celebrates womahood! As we bring you a string of such articles this week, here’s another one that takes us way back when life was all about playing in the sun a little too much, homework and Cartoon Network. Read on as we curate a quirky list of female cartoon characters with traits worth revisiting.

wonder woman super friends 430x550


It would be blasphemous if we didn’t place Wonder Woman right on top of our list! A super-heroine who fought for justice, peace, and sexual equality, Wonder Woman is nothing short of a feminist icon. Vivacious in that iconic one-piece suit, armed with the Lasso of Truth and that projectile tiara, this warrior princess from the Amazons is the pioneer of the feminist theories we are now raving about, plus she has her own invisible plane.

velma dinkley scooby doo series 430x550


Her intelligence is her super-power! She often squeaks ‘Jinkies!’ and ‘My glasses! I can't see without my glasses!’ from under her breath. Dressed in that baggy turtleneck and skirt with knee-high tube socks, she’s the nerdy and buttoned-up Velma Dinkley who can crack any case within just twenty minutes! A highly intelligent young woman with specific interests in science, Velma is the brain of the Scooby-Doo group.

princess ariel the little mermaid 600x400


A dainty damsel who turns into a rebel, most of us grew up watching Princess Ariel on VCR on too many Friday nights! Fascinated by the human world, Ariel turns into quite an explorer despite her bodyguards - Flounder and Sebastian. If we might say, she was our first lesson in rebellion, courage and the big downer – the fact that true love comes at a price.

pocahontas 600x400


If there was ever a list of the prettiest princesses, the dusky Pocahontas would definitely feature on it. We have to admit that although the movie isn’t quite historically accurate, as 11 year-olds, we couldn’t help but fall in love with her. Pocahontas’ strength, loyalty to her tribe and on-screen romance with Englishman John Smith make her relatable to any girl in her pre-teens.

wilma flintstone the flintstones 430x550


How could we go without mentioning our favourite stay-home wife and mommy, Wilma Flintstone? Making quite a statement with her red hair, one-shoulder dress and gossip-sessions, there’s nothing to not like about her. The strong-willed and level-headed Wilma, who is often the one to bail Fred out of his various ill-fated schemes makes for a super woman in her own right.