Lil Flea may be one of the many events that Mumbai hosts each year to up its hipster game but some stalls are here to do more than just sell. Not just any other market to shop at, the said flea market hosts over 200 shopping stalls and most of them are there for reasons of social calling. Here is scouting out six such stalls that made it to our favourite list from this year’s Lil Flea extravaganza.

favourite stalls at the lil flea indian stance 600x400

The Indian Stance

A burst of Indian cult and colours, Mela is one store that will take you straight to the roots of incredible Indian heartland. Walk in at the stall and it’ll transport you to the world of ethnic Indian art and craft. Plus shopping her will help enhance the lives of artisans and craftsmen from rural India.

To see more of Mela’s collection:

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Fair Play

SINS aks a Synonym of Indian Style as they like to call themselves are doing the right thing when it comes to sourcing sustainable fabrics and turning fashion towards fair trade. Claiming the classy nomad stature, Sins offers PETA approved vegan clothing that takes design inspiration form arts and literature. We loved their casual summer bomber jackets.

To see more of SINS’ collection:

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Desi prem

Desi Hangover, as is also evident with the name, is heavily inundated with Indian handmade goods and works to promote the handmade market over its capitalist competitors. Mainly into the manufacturing of handmade pure leather shoes the store offers androgynous shoes in rustic Indian browns and reds.

To see more of Desi Hangover’s collection:

favourite stalls at the lil flea the indian artsy 600x400

The Indian artsy

This is one stall that brought together and showcased two rustic Indian collections, Rabbit Out of the Hat and Fusion by Manju Nath. While, Rabbit Out of the Hat offers silver jewelry in Indian aesthetics, Fusion by Manju Nanth is here to make the traditional trend. The collection offered a unique collection of clothes, accessories and artifacts in psychedelic prints.

To see more of the two collections: and

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Redefining DIY

Sky Goodies is a unique DIY store that offers (hassle free) delicious paper products and printables that can be made into fun décor pieces to keep around the house. They offer patterns and colors that are strictly Indian in print and forms. So go ahead pick up paper do-it-yourself craft kits, planners, calendars, and stationery from the store and get your hands to work.

To see more of Sky Goodies’ collection:

favourite stalls at the lil flea not so chindi after all 600x400

Not so Chindi after all

At a glance Chindi comes across as any other colourful store but look closer and there is a story that will urge you to contribute to the cause. The store sells colourful knitted and crochet home ware and accessories that you can never tell was made with textile waste and that is not even the cause it supports. Chindi employs women from under-privileged communities in India to knit and crochet using textile waste. Every piece at the store is handmade by these women, thus helping them sustain themselves.

To see more of Chindi’s collection: