Bollywood has made so many stars out of actors. While we’ve seen many stars wow us with their positive performances, few actors have had the courage to take on villainous roles and come out successful. Here’s looking at some memorable negative acts from our favourite stars.

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Back in 1997 when Gupt released, it took immense courage for a mainstream heroine to take up a negative role. But the powerhouse performer that Kajol is, she not only had the gumption to accept the role of a villain in the film but also play an obsessive lover to the T. Of course, she went on to win on to win several awards for the role too. Who would’ve thought a girl known for her acting chops as a heroine would’ve excelled in a negative avatar too!

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Urmila Matondkar

You may not have seen Urmila Matondkar on the big screen for a while but her portrayal of the obsessive yet pitiable Ria in Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya will always be memorable. Having played a sadistic lover with utmost conviction, Urmila truly surprised everyone with her performance. We sure didn’t expect a stunning heroine like her to play a complicated role like that!

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Shah Rukh Khan

Much before Shah Rukh Khan became your quintessential romantic hero, he established himself as one of the finest villains to have graced Bollywood. It was Darr that proved to be a turning point in Shah Rukh’s career. Remember how the sound of KKKK… Kiran haunted us for a while after the movie? He was lauded for his role as an obsessive lover and was so convinced of playing a villain from then on that he almost even turned down Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge as he believed that could not play the typical lover boy. As a romantic hero or a villain – we love you, SRK!

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Priyanka Chopra

When it comes to acting skills, there’s hardly anyone who can beat Priyanka Chopra. But when she took up the role of an obsessive boss-cum-lover in Aitraaz, little did anyone think that she would win us over with this too. To everyone’s surprise, she turned out to be the star of the film despite playing a negative role. Don’t know about you but we certainly loved to hate her in this one.

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Arbaaz Khan

We may not have seen him grace the big screen for a while now but Arbaaz Khan’s portrayal in Daraar as the sadistic husband in the film will always stay with us. After all, few have matched up to the terror he brought on screen through his performance in the film. The actor even went on to win Filmfare’s Best Villain Award that year and we must say, it was truly deserved.