A great way to kick off the run-up to your wedding day is to get a ‘pre-wedding shoot’ done along with your significant other. This shoot is happily all about just you and your partner! No parents to be conscious of, no cousins adjusting your clothes every two seconds and no nosy relatives sizing you up. It’s just the two of you, in your own space, doing your thing and capturing some memories of yourselves EXACTLY the way you are with each other! What kind would work best for you and your man? Here’s a look at the options available to you.

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Real love. The fluttery, buttery deliciousness of knowing you are going to be spending your life with your favourite person on Earth. The tummy-tickling excitement of impending celebrations. The blur of the days leading up to your fairy tale wedding. The newness that creeps into even familiar love once "the date" has been set. It’s all super exciting, and every phase in this lead-up to the ‘Dream Day’ is as important as the actual event itself!

Photo credit: Natasha Maresca

bridal trend 2014 pre wedding photo shoots 430x550

Fun, intimate and flexible are the key words here. Pre-wedding shoots are rapidly gaining popularity and in both, Still and Video formats. A typical still shoot for pre-weddings takes place in a scenic location, and includes a mix of candid and traditional portraiture.

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Being yourself in candid still shoots is essential. A candid still shoot is where you and your partner are free to loaf around and just spend time with each other, talking, laughing or sharing a mushy moment, and the photographer generally uses a long range lens to capture your interactions from afar (so as to not ruin the moment!).

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bridal trends pre wedding photo shoots 430x550

Dramatic, beautiful posed portraits are another option. The traditional portraiture segment involves you and your partner actively posing for photographs as a couple, in different locations.

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Lastly, you have the fairy tale music videos! A typical video pre-wedding film, is generally a few minutes long, and cuts to one or more of your favourite songs as a couple. You can recreate some pretty fairy tale moments on video if you are lucky enough to have a good team on board. Locations are picked either on the basis of scenery, or some place that means a lot to the two of you, and you and your love are filmed either in a story format or just as a montage of happy, romantic snippets put together to some great music.