‘City of blinding lights’ may be a U2 song but it also serves as a good lead in for our features on art work created by women. The photo series titled ‘A city in a room’ by photographer/ artist Samvida Nanda is an interesting amalgamation of project mapping and photography. Creating a city scape within a room through her lens, Nanda’s work is a fitting conclusion feature for our four part series.
photographer artist samvida nanda 600x400

Meeting the artist

Meeting Samvida Nanda is like watching an action packed thriller, plots and sub-plots unfold with every other minute in the conversation and while she keeps me engaged in our creative banter, an hour passes by even before we know it! And when we are finally done discussing art and stand to exchange the customary ‘nice meeting you’, she extends her hand and leaves a handmade paper bird in mine. “I made it while we were talking, I make it for every interesting person I meet,” she flatters me.

artist samvida nanda work 600x400

With the photo series, ‘A city in a room’, Samvida set out to create city lights within a single room. An artistic play of lights and reflections, the photo essay creates an illusionary urban space using projection and lighting. “I have dabbled in many mediums, oils, acrylics, water colours but my favorite kind of painting is with light,” she says.

photographer artist samvida nanda work 600x400

Articulating her ideology of using form over words to tell a story, Nanda tells us about the conception of the idea “My latest play with VJing, led to an experiment of projecting on a cupboard lined with mirrors. In the beginning it was simply a play with the form itself. But the reflections extended the image and the space itself. So the idea of ‘A city in a room’ was born.”

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The content projected, are visuals by Viktor Furiani of the Mosquito Massala Crew (an Indo-French collective- a caravan of multidisciplinary artists), Nanda tells us.

photographer samvida nanda 600x400


Photography: Samvida Nanda
Projected content: Viktor Furiani
Concept and styling: Samvida Nanda and Viktor Furiani
Model: Arya Rothe