Colouring Books Aren’t Just For Children Anymore!

Written by Dayle PereiraOct 06, 2016
Remember the last time you sprawled over the sofa with a plateful of cookies, a bare colouring book and a new set of crayons that smelled heavenly? That was probably during the summer vacations or a weekend when your age was still a single digit number. However, those days are back again and this time, they are here to stay no matter what your age.

benefits of colour drawing

Colouring books aren’t limited to young children anymore thanks to the grand entry of adult colouring books. In today’s digital age, everyone is tied down with their lives and technology. Even when the time comes to take a break, we’re glued to our screens. It was this thought that drove the establishment of colouring books for adults.

benefits of colour drawing

The one who sketched out the very idea of it was Johanna Basford, a UK based illustrator and artist. Her first adult colouring book, ‘Secret Garden’, was a super hit that went on to sell more than a million copies. Johanna describes herself as an inky illustrator and was approached by a publishing house after she posted free wallpapers online.

benefits of colour drawing

Since she turned to drawing as a method to de-stress, the idea of colouring books for adults was born. Taking inspiration from her treasured time spent at her grandparent’s home in Scotland, Johanna went on to sketch pages full of mystical kingdoms, whimsical beasts and nature in all its beauty. In India too, Good Earth has just released an adult colouring book called ‘Bagh-e-Bahar: A Mughal Garden’.

benefits of colour drawing

Who doesn’t love the thought of spending a sultry afternoon indoors, busy colouring in between the lines. The best part is, it isn’t only an enjoyable break from the world, it’s also good for you. Studies have proven that colouring repetitive and symmetrical patterns reduces anxiety, increases creativity and sparks the cerebral hemisphere of your brain.

That’s reason enough to bring out those crayons and get set for an explosion of colour!

You can buy adult colouring books such as the ‘Mindfulness Colouring Book ‘ or ‘Refreshing Mandala-Colouring Book for Adults‘ from Flipkart.

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