Billy Graham said it best when he said that “A good father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed, and yet one of the most valuable assets in our society.” A son’s first hero and a daughter’s first love, our dads are so very special to all of us. Here showing you how to spend the perfect day with your main man.

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While a good cup of chai, a freshly flipped utappa and a single stalk of an orchid prepped on a bed-in-breakfast tray might cut it for mum, dad might just prove slightly harder to please. Most fathers like getting out—so if it were us, we would treat daddy dearest to some riveting live action. Take him out to a theatre and watch a play or a live performance. This week you’ve got a fantastic selection at NCPA with King Lear for the Shakespeare lover, Two Adorable Losers for the dad with a laugh, The World is Enough for some stand-up comedy and Shiamak Davar’s Selcouth for the intellect with an appreciation for contemporary dance. Take your pick!

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Dad’s, unlike their more dramatic counter-parts (read: mums), take pleasure in the simpler joys of life. Let dad know the night before that you’ll be taking him to a game of tennis. Book the court for a good two hours in the morning and enjoy some daddy-bonding time over his favourite sport, where you can not only sweat it out but also enjoy a few laughs. Take a breather post your match over a traditional South-Indian breakfast and filter coffee. Daddy’s day = made!

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Nothing says “I love you, dad” better than television, some fried savoury goodies, and his favourite drink—stirred personally by you! Whether that’s an Old Fashioned, a rum and coke or a single-malt on the rocks—you know what your papa likes best.

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If you want a relaxing day with the king of your universe, while still making an outing of it, why not have a daddy’s special spa day. Both you and your father can relax to the tunes of some hot stones, aromatherapy and pressure points.

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A music aficionado? Why not go down memory lane with your daddy by taking him to his favourite music store and hear him reminisce over his favourite concerts and bands and pick up your all-time favourites to enjoy later.

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Hot wheels are certainly going to leave your dad on a high-note. Call up his favourite automobile company—Audi, BMW, a vintage beauty or a Mini Cooper—and ask for a test drive. Let him enjoy the feeling of getting behind the wheels of his dream car, even if it’s only for a quarter of an hour, and he’ll thank you for the joy ride.

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Whether it’s a cufflink, a vintage novel, an iPad case or a box for his stamp collection, gift your dad a small accessory and a sweet, heartfelt note that he can use and will treasure forever.

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It’s no secret that the greatest thing your dad can ever do for you, is to unconditionally love your mother. Make a reservation for two at dad’s favourite eatery and let him enjoy the night with his partner in crime.