Letter To My Younger Self

Written by Rohina AnandFeb 07, 2018
Letter to my younger self
Dear younger self,

It’s me, albeit a little older and definitely wiser. In the years that passed, I travelled the world, expanded my interests and followed my heart. Along the way, I’ve learned a lot about life, love and everything in between; which I cannot wait to share with you today.

  1. Do not be impulsive because you will only regret it. The time you got blunt bangs is proof enough.
  2. You’re petite and that’s just something you have to accept. All you can do is love yourself a little more and slip on the highest stilettos you can get your hands on.

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  1. Whether you are lean or you've got the killer curves, your body isn’t meant to be obsessed over. Instead, accepting yourself just the way you are will change your perspective.
  2. Do not ever forget that happiness is an inside job and being happy begins with you.
  3. Take time out to paint more, write more and read more. When you reach adulthood, you’ll realize that life comes in the way and you’ll never have enough time for the things you love.

rohina anand guest editor of the month

  1. You will meet many people through the years. Some will be a part of your life for years to come while others will leave you with wonderful memories. Eventually, you will find your tribe and you’ll wonder how you lived without them all this time.
  2. Giving your word to another is the most sacred promise so make sure to always honour it.
  3. Everyone will be your greatest fan until you become their competition. Make sure you study what they do and learn where you can do things a little differently.

rohina anand guest editor of the month

  1. Those 3 a.m. ideas are often the sparks that light the roaring fire. Follow them through and you can be sure that they will take you great places!
  2.  Take a chance and say yes sometimes because you will figure it out eventually.


Your older, wiser self.

Rohina Anand

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