Models sitting on either sides of the ramp and judging you as you walked the ramp was the paradox of perfection that Eina Ahluwalia’s art installation ‘Pilgrimage’ played on. Here’s more…


While it is a given that Fashion Weeks are (at most times if not all) all about the apparently superficial aspect of beauty and fashion, Eina Ahluwalia’s walk in experimental art installation, ‘Pilgrimage,’ was a manifestation that, in time, fashion will learn to also celebrate beauty in all its forms!


On Day 4 of the Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2015, Eina Ahluwalia put forth a thought process, in the form of an art exhibit on why every woman should hold herself dear. Obviously, it won us over.

The installation drew from mythological inspirations and created a temple like ambience where the mystical beings like; the Altars of Venus Mother Goddess, Venus of Yullyevich et al were installed.


The installation featured these mystical figures in different shapes and sizes, such that they played metaphor to all those things that women resort to, in order to achieve perfection! Things like epilators, make up, extremely padded push-up bras, shapewear and 10 inch heels, thus, becoming the perfect representation for the need to achieve perfection.


The second leg of the installation saw models sitting on either sides of the ramp, dressed in black robes and intricate cutwork necklaces, gazing and gossiping as the viewers walked the ramp for a change! Turning the tables on the entire concept of a ramp, the idea was to comment on how anyone can be a judge and how it feels to be judged!


While these installations were set on an amalgam of different isles and gold framework that was an integral part of the collection, Eina Ahluwalia successfully managed to make a strong statement about perfection, self-love and nurturing inner beauty and all that at a fashion week!