So you thought fashion and food were poles apart? It might surprise you, but they’ve always shared an interesting relationship. Right from models stuffing themselves with food backstage to watermelon-printed clutches and fashion art on espressos, there’s no way to prove that the two ever had a tiff. We found these Instagram accounts that are proof of the symbiosis between the two.

food accounts to follow on instagram 430x550


Good looking models and yummy looking food! Get inspired to eat healthy and vegan as beautiful models pose with their fab eats on this account. What’s more, all food pictures are so well-presented that you might want to take inspiration for some food presentation tips the next time you have guests at home.

Instagram handle: @lookbookcookbook

Followers: 7,500+

food accounts to follow on instagram groehrs 430x420


Is she a food stylist or a fashion stylist? The answer is, both. This is a great account to follow as it brings out the relationship between food and fashion beautifully while making both seem so artistic. So what would you like for breakfast today? A banana dress, maybe?

Instagram handle: @groehrs

Followers: 19,500+

food accounts to follow on instagram cherrybombemag 600x400


How about some fashion art on food? The best thing about this account is that it has quite practical, easy-to-do yet attractive food ideas that each one of us could easily ape. Fashionably yummilicious!

Instagram handle: @cherrybombemag

Followers: 31,000+