Blossoming flowers, chirping birds and new color palettes on the runways have all announced the advent of spring! But just as spring turns everything bright and cheerful, there is a downside to the season. It brings with it pollen – the absolute nemesis of everyone who suffers from spring allergies. However, you can keep these at bay by adding some simple foods to you grocery cart. We at BB rush to your rescue with 5 such foods to combat spring allergies.

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Broccoli is a precious member of the crucifer family that serves two purposes in wiping out allergies – it’s high in vitamin C and is said to clear out blocked-up sinuses.

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Doctors believe about 500 mg of Vitamin C a day can ease allergies. To achieve this level, you can binge on oranges, grapes, lemons and limes. Apples and red grape skin is considered rich in antioxidants which prevent cellular damage and reduce inflammation throughout the body. Other foods high in antioxidants include berries, legumes and potatoes.

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Onions and garlic:
Onions and garlic are packed with quercetin. Quercetin is another secret weapon that helps combat allergies by acting like an antihistamine.

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Seafood is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which have natural anti-inflammatory effects that also boost the immune system which in turn is responsible for fighting allergies.

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Tomatoes are high in Vitamin C and a good choice to build immunity against asthma and respiratory issues. Vitamin C is an immune system booster and a natural antihistamine, which reduces swelling.