So we’ve all got our list of comfort foods and comfort books and comfort movies all figured out. But when we’re living in the digital age, we’ve got to have our list of comfort content that we’d fall back on to make us happy, give us an instant pick-me-up and make us feel at home, right? We don’t know about you, but here’s a few Instagram accounts you’ll find us browsing through when we need it the most…

rachelryle 430x500

Rachel Ryle’s stop motion videos
She was voted "The Best Instagram Account of 2013" by MTV and Buzzfeed, so obviously, it’s no surprise that we retreat to illustrator and animator Rachel Ryle’s account everytime we’re in need of some inspiration. Even though she’s had no formal training, Rachel began to experiment with Instagram video soon after it was released and over time garnered a giant following of loyal Insta-addicts (including brands.) It’s hard to pin down one single video of hers that we love but her Jaws imitation (titled ‘Shark’) that she did as a tribute to Hollywood leading up to the Oscars ranks #1 on our list.

talkingfood 430x550

Talking food
We hate to admit it but we’ve been caught chucking to ourselves thanks to a Talking Food update on our Instatimeline way too often. Bringing together our two deep-seated interests –food and puns,Talking Food made a fan out of us within the first few posts. Abounding with music and pop culture references and some seriously slick design, Talking Food is where you should head if you’re looking for a good laugh. Rather punny, isn’t it?

idafrosk 430x550

Ida Frosk’s‘Art on Toast
Not many an Insta-addicts would bat an eyelid if we said “Ida Skivenes,” but if we mentioned “Ida Frosk,” we’re sure we’d be met with more than just a nod or an expression of enthusiasm. This Norwegian culinary innovator is the woman behind one of the most popular food art Instagram accounts. Her ‘Art Toast’ project where she recreates masterpieces by Degas, Dali, Picasso  and others using a single slice of bread have won her a 2 lac+ strong following. And yes, what does she do after she’s done photographing her toast of art? She eats it, of course!

fifilapin 430x550

Fifi Lapin
“Hello my name is Fifi Lapin and I'm an international it-bunny and furry fashionista,” is a good-enough description to cause some intrigue about one of our favourite Instagram accounts. Fifi Lapin, our super chic, furry friend gives us all the deets about the latest in haute couture on the other side of the world.  Putting her daily dressing– MiuMiu, Jenny Packham, Valentino – on display through the sweetest illustrations, her wardrobe will put any A-lister to shame. Not to mention hermodest comments, “What a fabulous evening at the Met Ball. I was even papped – sort of!” and her thoughtful suggestions reminding us to “stop and smell the flowers,” all signed off with “bunny kisses.” We love this bunny.

paperfashion 430x550

Katie Rodgers of ‘Paperfashion’
Another favourite in the fashion category, Katie Rodgers’s Instagram account, aptly titled ‘Paperfashion’ is where she mixes her first love – watercolours, with her second love – fashion. The ease with which she graduates from watercolours, a rather primary medium, to sequins, glitter, beads and other embellishments to spell luxeembellish and add a realistic touch of glam to all of her sketches has always amazed us.  It should come as no surprise that she’s been commissioned to do work for all the big names in couture including Cartier, Valentino and Swarovski, among others.