If you aren’t an avid traveller, chances of you stumbling upon something that you want to take home just because it’s “different” are almost zero to none, unless you spend every other weekend at Chor Bazaar in Mumbai, that is. For all those of you who are looking to decorate your wardrobe or home with something that’s absolutely not a chip off the old block, here are a few websites you might want to visit…
shopped at these quirky online stores ikka dukka 430x550

Ikka Dukka
While not many people know about Ikka Dukka just yet, the lifestyle website has some pretty rad offerings if you’ve got a knack for vintage designs with a slightly modern twist that most people would write off on sight. If you’re thinking of adding some quirk to your home, you’re bound to find something here. Their polka dotted kitchenware collection and Dalmatian cufflinks are on our radar.
Website: www.ikkadukka.com
Featured above: Silk pocket squares in myriad prints (as seen on the Facebook page.)

shopped at these quirky online stores nappa dori 430x550

Nappa Dori
We’re been crushing on Nappa Dori ever since we first set our eyes on their Ikat printed satchels many months ago. Since then this brand has slowly but steadily gained the recognition it deserves with a serial following of loyalists. Honestly speaking, while their prices might seem a tad steep, there’s no better way to make a statement while you travel than with their Doctor Bag or Mini Trunk!
Website: www.nappadori.com
Featured above: The Ikat collection in white (as seen on the Facebook page.)

shopped at these quirky online stores elephant company 430x550

The Elephant Company
If you’re a big fan of prints, you’ll definitely find something to order at The Elephant Company. Although it’s been around for quite some time not many people know that apart from the occasional notebook, the brand also makes its own India inspired range of t-shirts, home fabrics, umbrellas and even furniture.
Website: www.theelephantcompany.com
Featured above: The Stallion Aztec Rectangular Cushion Cover (as seen on the website.)

shopped at these quirky online stores tadpole store 430x550

The Tadpole Store
The latest entrant into design lead stores in the city, Tadpole is the one-stop-shop if you’re looking to support and encourage independent designers in the arts, lifestyle and fashion space. Although we love most of the totes available here, the one thing we’d give them all of our money for are those beautiful beaded clutches from Etre.
Website: www.tadpolestore.com
Featured above: The Blues Clutch by ETRE (as seen on the Facebook page.)

shopped at these quirky online stores chumbak 430x550

From being known for its cheeky tins, coasters and mugs to its recent entry into the home décor space, Chumbak has come a long way. If you’re looking for funky anything – be it phone covers, totes, cushion covers or even dip dye stools  (the most recent item added to our wish list) – Chumbak, in its vibrant glory will most likely have it.
Website: www.chumbak.com
Featured above: Chumbak has made a grand entry into the furniture department (as seen on the Facebook page.)