Someone wise once said, relish to the optimum the glories of Nature, be it the plants, the chirping birds or warm sunsets! And while we romanticize the idea and make it sound oh-so-dreamy, we do understand the harsh realities of city life. Blame it on our tiny apartments or lack of time, pursuing horticulture as a hobby isn’t the easiest thing on the list. So we at BB put our minds to it and created an easy guide to helping you build your very own terrace or balcony garden within space constraints…

equip well 600x400

Equip well

Make sure you are well equipped, not just with ideas but also with permissions. Ensure that the flooring of your terrace is strong enough to take the weight of the plants and the accessories that come with it.

Be careful about the drainage system especially when mounting plants on walls. To keep your drainage system hassle-free, use some covering on each drain hole.

soil sufficient 600x400

Soil sufficient

You can improve the soil texture by adding organic fertilizers and organic manure. Most simple fertilizers are available at Rs.8 -10 per kilo.

While laying the soil bed, maintain a uniform depth of approximately 2 - 4 ft. Remember to maintain this 2 ft depth in your soil bed, apart from the 6 inches of the floor and drainage itself.

choose and pick plants carefully 600x400

Choose and pick plants carefully

Plants like mint, lemongrass, money plants, palms, aloe vera, tulsi, basils and herbs make great choices for terrace gardens. Flowering plants like the convolvulus blue, lantana, helicomia and the plumbago plant will add the refreshing color quotient.

For a balcony set-up use hanging plants with vines or ones that droop since they are excellent ways to soften edges and create flowing, natural spaces. Creepers like bougainvillea, rangoon creepers et al, help conceal concrete, ledges, and walls.

Tomatoes, brinjal, ladies finger, chilies and cluster beans are apt occupants for your kitchen garden section.

making your hardscape easy 600x400

Making your hardscape easy

Avoid using textures and surfaces to save the hardships of cleaning often, use water resistant tiles instead.

Add warm tones, wooden textures to a décor otherwise dominated with wilder sensibilities. Use earthy tones for a harmonious look that attracts birds and butterflies thus giving your garden space a soothing feel.

accessorize to tranquilize 600x400

Accessorize to tranquilize

A roof top garden or balcony space can be a personal corner for respite from your busy schedule. Add that tranquil touch to your garden, as per the availability of space.

A cane couch, a portable swing, an east chair, a set of side benches, a coffee table; bird baths or even a little water body are apt for a terrace.

Earthen pots and earthen trays available in all shapes and sizes are a perfect fit for a balcony setting.