Once the bride-to-be bestows on you the responsibility of being her BFF or even her bridesmaid that’s when you need to pull up your socks, tie your shoe laces and get going. And no we don’t mean that literally but figuratively so! In order to help you ace the role and to make sure you don’t falter, we at BB have put together a list of responsibilities that will be expected of you. Here’s a head up…
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Help her trousseau shopping

If you’re her BFF clearly you know her tastes. It’s time therefore to revive all your shopping expeditions together and make this one all about her. Being her best friend, it is your responsibility to be involved in every intricate detail of the bride’s trousseau. Be prepared to do the last minute running around if need be. Also, don’t forget to dress the part yourself.

Plan that vacation

If you want to make her feel extra special, now’s the time to pull out all the stops! And what better a way to do that, than to plan a vacation together with some of your closest girlfriends? Also, before she starts her new life this might be the only quality time you’ll get to spend together before there’s someone else she has to spend her time with and the new responsibilities take over.  Take cues from our girl gang exclusive vacation story.

Throw her a bridal shower/ bachelorette party

While the vacation is more of a getaway for all your girlfriends, the bridal shower is about having all your friends over and having a gala time. When you throw her a bachelorette party, make sure you have everything in place including a theme, the food and all things fun and naughty. Remember, it’s usually the guys who have too much fun at their epic bachelor parties so it’s always a good idea to push the envelope no matter what you have in mind.

Be by her and assist in everything

The bride-to-be trusts you and you need to stand true to her expectations. So make sure you have everything planned out. From being involved in every function to calming her nerves down to managing her clothes and makeup, you need to make sure you have carefully lined up everything that will build up to her big day.

Buy her a memorable gift and write her a speech

While you are busy meeting all your responsibilities, don’t forget the smaller but very important things. The wedding gift for instance and your sangeet performance or your speech! Make sure you let your bestie knows how special she is to you. Write her a heart-felt speech or buy her a personalized gift that will make a lifetime memory and if need be, warn her hubby-to-be about taking good care of her or facing the not-so-good consequences.