It is extremely important to maintain a feasible, productive environment at work for smooth functioning, and nothing could ruin the morale of a team or a team member than a work bully. Constant bullying at work can have adverse effects on not just an employee’s mental health but also their ability to perform. Here is a step by step formula on how you can tackle this behavior and put an end to this ordeal…

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Step 1: Wait before you tag someone a bully

First things first, locate the problem. Take time before you tag someone a bully. Dealing with deadlines, work pressure and the big bosses may not always be that simple. So if you have been snapped at once in a blue moon don’t start being judgmental already. Wait to evaluate the situation objectively but if it becomes recurring issue with the same offending person then identify the traits and don’t refrain from making your discomfort evident.

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Step 2: Try to resolve and reason the issue without being gullible

Unless you have been shown the dead end in a professional equation try and resolve the friction with the person with reasoning and understanding of the issue. A work bully is either dealing with a superiority complex or just a simple misunderstanding. Either way, talk it out and maintain transparency and honesty. In case of mutual grievances with someone, the best way out is to address the issue to that someone and work mutually towards resolving it but don’t project it as your weakness.

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Step 3: Confront the issue if things refuse to change

Once you have thoroughly analysed the situation and done everything to identify, address and resolve the issue with mutual understanding, you have done your bit. If the bullying behavior is consistent and the person is no more welcome to conversation, it is then time to confront the issue. Be polite but not timid. Say what you must, when you must. Don’t encroach boundaries in a professional disagreement and don’t welcome that from the other end either.

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Step 4: Don’t burden yourself with guilt

Don’t burden yourself with guilt for confronting the identified bully. You have to confront the person to avoid further complications in the work environment. Speak to the superior authority and don’t worry beyond a point even if it stresses out your relationship with the individual.

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Step 5: Escalate the issue if it hinders your growth

Only when things get out of hand and no amount of working around the situation will help, should you involve the HR or the big bosses in a cabin conversation. After all, if a work relationship is affecting your mental health and performance at work then it is the onus of the employer to make sure every employee is at peace in their work place.