Weddings are no cake walk, especially if it is your own! It isn’t easy to manage all the bookings, caterers, guest list, your trousseau, the pressure to get everything right and most of all the anxiety! Brides, we totally understand your plight, the butterflies in the stomach and the nervousness. But all said and done, you can’t afford to be stressed before your big day. So brides-to-be breathe easy and read on as we tell you just how to keep the wedding stress at bay.

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Work on a realistic schedule

Start well in time and work out a realistic timeline depending on the kind of wedding you are planning. If you intend to have a lavish wedding, start at least ten months in advance. Divide tasks, delegate responsibilities and get done with most of your running around at least a couple of months in advance. So you have the buffer time in hand in case things don’t turn out the way you’d planned.

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Breathe easy, meditate

So your mother-in-law is driving you nuts with all those customary ceremonies, she insists you have? Are you overwhelmed with the life changing decision you have just made? Whatever your case, you need to de-stress and calm your nerves. Do this with meditation. Find yourself an hour a day and spend it with yourself. It might seem futile at first, but over time it will help you deal with the madness.

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Keep your fiancé in the loop

This goes without saying. Keeping your man in the loop about all the wedding planning and arrangements will not only divide the stress and responsibility but will also prove to be a great stress buster.

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Pamper yourself silly

A bridal spa regime, massages, facials, manicures and pedicures; all put together can work wonders for your stress levels. You are the bride, make sure you indulge, pamper yourself and allow all that stress to melt away.

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Get in shape

Eat well and eat right. You obviously want to look your best on your big day. So while you are taking every care to make things look their possible best don’t neglect your health. Exercise, run and jog out all that stress, you will realise it helps a great deal.

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Don’t micro-manage

It’s is alright to be nervous and anxious about your wedding but don’t take upon yourself the responsibility to do everything. Delegate tasks and share the burden, what are friends and family for? And more importantly delete the word ‘perfect’ from your dictionary. Not everything needs to be perfect, it just needs to be right and you will be fine. Smile!