How To Pick A Wedding Invitation Your Guests Will Remember

Written by Nazneen JoshiJan 23, 2015
Barring your inner circle, your invite is what is going to give the majority of your guests a first-look at the tone you’re setting—which is all the more reason you need to be making a statement with your invite. But in saying that, keep in mind that a statement does not mean being over-indulgent. In fact, spending too much on your invite – and we’ve all been victim to the receiving end of that (think: Shakespeare sonnets, gold-leaf roses, heart-failure inducing sweetmeats, bottles of bubbly and the likes) – is plain silly. You can make an equally impactful statement that is executed in a manner that speaks of sophistication rather than flash. Read on and we’ll tell you exactly what we mean.

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The Elaborate Box

If you’re looking to make a classy statement and set the tone for a lavish wedding—do away with cheesy, expensive and non-functional gifts. Instead, you can choose to gift something that is small, pretty and useful. Like a little chandi box filled with kesar. Kesar is known to be a prized spice; it’s something that is auspicious and festive and makes for a great shaadi-ka accompaniment. Your set of invites can include: a save the date card, the main invite for each function, inserts with details for each festivity, dress code and venue included, venue maps and an RSVP card.

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Going Floral

Giving your invitation a floral touch will instantly contemporise the affair and set a soft, romantic and sophisticated tone to your wedding. You can then choose to keep the colour palette contemporary as well, for example, by using blush roses against powder blue, or you can choose to go ethnic with your colour palette and opt for white, gold and elegant cream hues  and give your wedding invite the perfect balance of tradition and modernity—much like your ceremonies.

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Striking the Right Balance

Invitations should be unique, personalised and the right blend of formality with fun. Yes, it’s your wedding but taking every little detail too seriously won’t do you much good. Instead of having standard wording, put something on the card that signifies you as a couple. Let your invite tell a story rather than reading like a rumbling roster of logistics. Whether that means sprinkling some confetti in the envelope so that your guests can open happiness, so to speak, or thanking your guests in the card—adding in some personal, unexpected touches set a celebratory mood to the festivities.

pick eco friendly wedding invitation guest will remember 430x550

Eco-Friendly Invites

Eco-friendly invitations have been doing the rounds lately, and its one wedding trend that we’re unanimously on-board with. If you’re someone who’s even a bit of a thinker—the environment will be an important issue for you, and there’s no better occasion to give back than on your wedding day. Plus, it’s not really something you have to cut-back on, especially when we’re talking aesthetics. You can find beautiful paper made out of seeds and recycled materials—such as jute, burlap and dried flowers and leaves that will truly make for a romantic and innovative invite that also tells people that you’re an aware, progressive and compassionate couple who are doing their part. What better way to start a new beginning?

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