The shift from student life to work life is that transition period when one is flooded with a lot of information and reality checks. So much so that it takes a while for all that information to sink in and register, let alone implementing all that. This is that stage in life when one needs to adapt to the professional environment one change at a time. And we at BB think it might help you if we put out a list of what to expect when you are dealing with this transition phase. Read on…

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Optimism is of optimum importance

With your first job, you are now taking baby steps towards adulthood. Time therefore to take responsibility for your job and learn to take criticism in your stride. As beginners however even if you stumble, keep optimistic and move ahead. A positive attitude can work wonders when things don’t seem to work in your favour. And once you have mastered the art of taking feedback positively and will stop being hard on yourself, you will see that the problems will start to shrink.

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Don’t refrain from asking questions

Remember how the professors were ecstatic about students asking questions in class. That’s because it was a proof you were an attentive student. Well, asking questions at that same frequency will not be appreciated at work but relevant questions will still be welcomed. Make sure you don’t repetitively ask the same questions again but do not refrain from asking questions about your job that show you have been thinking and working. Take notes and remember the doubts that have already been cleared so you don’t end up repeating yourself.

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Maintain a calendar/ schedule and stick to it

Once you are on a job you can’t bunk a lecture and while away time. It’s a professional 9 to 5 environment with a mix of meetings, ideating and execution—all of which will happen not in a canteen but in meeting rooms. This is when you will need to organise your work projects and will have to maintain a calendar or schedule where you put down your to do list. This way you won’t miss out on tasks and will come across as punctual.

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Clock yourself into a healthy routine

Set an alarm for the same time each day (ideally keep a buffer time of half hour) and fall in the habit of waking up at that time every day. This way you will condition yourself to wake up at the same time even on the weekends and with that the rest of the day will fall into place. If you are someone who was used to sleeping in the afternoons, then sticking to a uniform routine will help you regulate your sleep cycles and will make it easier for you to adjust with the working hours.

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Work life balance

Now this one takes a while for any newbie to get used to. The first few days even months as a newbie are going to seem stressful and you will struggle to chase deadlines but once you fall in the habit you will finish work in the given hours and learn to have a life outside work. It is important to know that work is an important part of your life but not all of it. Although this one is work in progress, one learns and unlearns along the professional ladder.