It seems like only a hundred years ago that women wore their beauty demurely – powdering their noses with curling irons in their hair, all the while being their homely selves. Today, clearly, is a whole different picture. It’s about wearing your beauty on your sleeve, owning it, flaunting it and unapologetically using it to up your je ne sais quoi quotient. In a world where the definition and meaning of beauty changes in the blink of an eye (or a few fashion weeks), we list out our eight favourite beauty quotes for our times.

beauty quotes for our time mirror 430x550

We couldn’t agree more! It seems to us that the longer we stand in front of the mirror the more imaginary flaws we develop. Everything from “God! I’m getting a pimple!” to “I need to lose weight” and “What’s that line on my forehead?” becomes apparent in front of a mirror. Non?

beauty quotes for our time red 430x550

If our favourite fit girl Gwyneth is right, we’re keeping a red lipstick handy for all those days when our self-esteem seems to be in need of a Kleenex. We’ll let you know how it turns out…

beauty quotes for our time ugly 430x550

Just like someone else once said, you cannot know happiness till you have known sorrow; the same could be applicable to beauty as well. Perhaps they’re two sides of the same coin? We think yes.

beauty quotes for our time makeup 430x550

Truer words have never been said. But just a thought, even if men could wear makeup could they be as pretty as us?

beauty quotes for our time hair 430x550

We laughed out loud when we found this quote because we couldn’t agree more! There’s nothing that could make someone as green-eyed as a long, healthy mane. So remember to use it as your weapon of choice the next time you spot your ‘someone specific’ on the radar.

beauty quotes for our time criticism 430x550

The best way to stay grounded, we’ve heard, is to let both, the insults and the compliments roll off your back. Because only what can pick you up has the power to get you down.

beauty quotes for our time classy 430x550

Oh Coco, who could ever prove you wrong? But since you’re not around, we just have to make do with your pointers on how to live the classy and fab life 24x7…

beauty quotes for our time age 430x550

And who better to tell us about it than one of the most beautiful women in the world? We wouldn’t want to argue with anything Audrey says so we’re going to take her word for it and hope that we can age just as gracefully…