Art and fashion may be good old friends but like most relationships their too has developed into something special over time. Off late, we hear that the two are much in love and one of the many dimensions to this relationship is fashion illustrations! As fashion illustrators find an inroad into the fashion circuits with their detailed and insightful artistry, we catch up with illustrator Jasjyot Singh Hans to know about this new affair…

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An independent fashion illustrator, Singh is sketching his way to artistic glory. Marrying his love for art with his interest in fashion, he does fashion illustrations of artistic prowess and distinct vision. Here’s an insight into the mind and work of Jasjyot Singh…

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BB: Fashion illustrations are making it big in the Indian publishing industry. What’s your take?

Jasjyot: A lot more people are definitely waking up to using illustrations for editorial and mainstream publication projects, which is great. Illustration is more interpretive, and one can have so much fun with it. And it is always great to have clients recognise that and want that for their commissioned pieces as well! Illustration is slowly gaining momentum in fashion again and it'll be great to keep pushing the envelope in this stream.

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BB: Where do you draw your fashion inspiration from?

Jasjyot: Being in a country like India helps, where people are unabashed about the colours they clothe themselves in. I find a lot of inspiration in observing little nuances in everyday characters and the music I listen to. I used to follow a lot of fashion seasons and different shows, but it just gets so taxing to keep track of so many people season after season. I prefer stumbling across random links on Tumblr and Instagram and use them as inspiration.

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BB: You work with Indian skin tones. Is that deliberate?

Jasjyot: It is definitely deliberate. For me, the fashion I draw is less about the clothes, more about the women wearing them and looking at them as characters who are real people with real problems. In a country obsessed with fair complexion and the idea of a perfect woman, it is important to speak about how trivial these concerns are. There are so many absolutely gorgeous women who have luscious, dark skin. And I love to celebrate them through my work.

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BB: Tell us about your experience with Sabyasachi…

Jasjyot: It was my first job, right out of college. I had worked on a series of illustrations with my amazing friend Surabhi Chauhan aka Lovestruckcow. One of them was for Sabyasachi's Wills 2011 collection. He came across it, and tracked me down. I woke up one morning with a message from him on my Nokia phone, shaking and squealing with joy. Next thing I know is I landed up in Kolkata to work for him! He's amazing to work with meticulous in the details he puts in his work and has such a great understanding of his brand and the business of it. I couldn't be more glad to have personally worked with him as my first job experience and my first real induction into the fashion industry.

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BB: Your heartbreak fashion series are exceptional. Can you tell us more about it?

Jasjyot: I feel like we're always in a perpetual state of heartbreak. The women I draw echo my emotions for me, in a cathartic way. It was fun to conceptualise what a truly heartbroken person might wear and incorporate a cheeky broken heart in the garments as well! I'm also ecstatic that you like them.