Lrt Diaries: 10 Tips For A Healthier You In 2015

Written by Fleur Xavier and Nethra RaghuramanJan 07, 2015
A new year gets along with it the freshness to start new regimes and the eagerness to begin something worthy. This year, why not be excited and eager to change your life with some realistic habits that are healthy and will leave you looking and feeling “beautiful” inside-out? Here are a few habits that could change this year for the better….
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1. Embrace Optimism

The first and the healthiest habit to adopt is to be OPTIMISTIC. Optimism is a blissful magnet. If you stay positive, all the good things will get attracted to you. You will be able to handle stress better and prevent yourself from falling sick often, leading to a healthier year.

2. Go Green

Normally the greens in your meals get instant dull looks…But this year, pledge to eat more greens because these superfoods are bound to boost every cell in your body. Don’t forget, we now have thousands of recipes to make these greens look and taste fantastic!

3. Laugh

It has always been said: Laughter is the best medicine. We say, hell is! A good life is directly proportionate to how often you smile and laugh.  So, laugh your way through this brand new year.

4. Go for a Walk

No more excuses about the lack of time or gym memberships! You don’t need a gym to get work out. Brisk walking early in the morning (or at is any time that suits you) is an instant energy and health booster, not to mention an everyday treat for your heart.

5. Take a Moment to Appreciate and Apologize

No matter how busy you are, take a moment to say ‘Thank You’, or ‘Sorry’ where required. It makes a whole lot of difference to the people around you. Add ‘Please’ to this and you will definitely have healthier relationships.

6. Be Clean in Every Way

One of the most crucial aspects to living a healthy life is cleanliness. Considering how much time and effort we spend cleaning ourselves everyday, why not do the same to our surroundings? Practice cleanliness of your surroundings for a healthier YOU!

7. Posture Perfect

Don’t slouch – not when you walk and not when you sit. The way you hold yourself suggests how confident you are and how healthy your back will be in the future. Start right away – straighten up… and your spine will be obliged.

8. Ditch Social Media, Meet in Real Life

Social media has conquered the world like none other. Life today is a lot about staring at screens and connecting with friends virtually. This year, make it a point to take time off from the virtual world and join the real one. Pick up the phone, call your friends and family, talk to them, and physically meet them – the good ole way.

9. Read

READ – Whether on an electronic device or an actual book. Reading builds imagination and allows you to virtually travel to the most amazing places. Need we add how much your vocabulary can grow via reading?!

10. Involve Yourself in Some Activity

Lastly, REMEMBER TO HAVE SOME FUN! Find something you are passionate about, and do it – be it dancing, pottery, leaning a new language or travelling. The goal is to make you feel fresh and alive.

Have a wonderful 2015!

Stay Happy!


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