It seems like Dubai is our new home… sure feels like it, what with the amount of friends and family we have living there! So, for a stress-free, familiar and fun New Year’s Eve celebration, it was quite an obvious decision to make….To welcome 2015 in the land of plenty. Landing in Dubai at night makes you realise how far Dubai has come. The sheer luminosity of the city lights makes you think you have just crossed the Atlantic and taken a wrong turn towards Vegas. But no….you are landing, in fact, in downtown Dubai.

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The few days before New Year saw us chilling with movies, shopping and burgers – Our favourite being Shake Shack. Somehow, we can’t get enough of that place and then with the advent of New Year upon us, we headed off to the Race Course for a White New Year. Of course, the Emiratis have not gone that far, so as to make it snow over winter (if you ignore the ski slope, that is) the White, in this case, is the rooftop bar; all adorned in…you guessed it….white.

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Sushi and alcohol….revelry and music….Smashing DJs and even more smashing people…. However, the best of all….a front row seat to the fireworks of the Burj Khalifa. 2015 had a good vibe setting in….let’s hope the rest is as fantastic and, unlike a firecracker, does not blow up in smoke!

Have a very lovely New Year….to 2015….. Cheers….:)


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