The one thing we can unanimously claim to love about India is its cultural diversity and that there is a festival at hand every next month. The festivities never seem to end in India and this entire month it is the mubarak Ramzaan time! This entire month, Ramzaan Bazaars all over the country are packed to the brim with Mughlai delicacies and Nizaami food. Most cities in India have at least one go-to bazaar that is known for its Ramzaan food and we at BB can’t keep our food loving selves from listing out our favourites. Take a look…

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In the old quarters of Delhi and around the Jama Masjid promenade, you can relish the iftar and sehri food at the very popular old Delhi restaurants. In and around the neighbourhood of Chandni Chowk is Haaji Noora’s nihari, a richly spiced goat stew. The Southern part of Old Delhi is known for its haleem while hotels near Nizamuddin railway station are known for their kebabs and firni.

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Hyderabadi food is a rich blend of royal Mughlai flavours and Nizam’s special delicacies. While the Paradise Hotel is popular for the Hyderabadi Biryani, the Pista House specializes in haleem (meat stew)—both of which are the main attractions of the market. The ghosht korma and salan, khubani-ka-meetha and seviyaan are however all equally delicious. Also when in Hyderabad don’t forget to try the chakna (a spicy stew made in tender meat with aromas of cinnamon and cardamom) a savoury available specialty at Hotel Madina near Charminar.

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Mumbai has ample of Ramzaan food and food joints to offer for every palate. For a scrumptious plate of nalli nihari or salli boti you can head to Mohammad Ali road during the wee hours or hop around the bazaar post iftar time tasting the firni, mal pua and the many kinds of kebabs that are available. In fact not just during Ramzaan, the grilled meat at Bade Miyan behind the Taj Mahal Hotel is popular the year round.

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The Zakaria Street in Kolkata has gained popularity as the best Ramzaan food market in the city. The street gets taken over by stalls and is converted into a Ramzaan bazaar that sells clothes, ornaments, dates, seviyaan and other gastronomic delights. While Aminia Hotel in the New Market area is known to serve the best haleem, the tiny Adam’s Kabab Shop in Chitpur down a narrow lane is popular for its spicy kebabs. The mutton stews, mutton chops and kheeri kababs are popular delicacies.

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In Lucknow, the old city’s Akbari Gate bazaar is extremely popular during Ramzaan. Starting from the Kashmiri tea, to an array of kebabs and other Mughlai dishes, this is the one place to be during Ramzaan. The makhkhan-malai (saffron ice-cream), nihari kulchha and the local tunday and galouti kebab from the very popular, century old Tunday Kababi joint near Naaz Cinema Road are extremely popular.

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