Why We’re Looking Forward To The Nh7 Weekender 2017

Written by Vaishnavi ThakurOct 17, 2017
The second half of the year is always eventful, with festivals, weddings and so many other things to look forward to! It just has more to offer and also makes us feel closer to the next year which is always a scary but good feeling! Let’s talk about a different kind of festival today, a music festival heralded the “happiest music fest”, the NH7 Weekender, which is happening in Meghalaya(Oct 27th & 28th) and Pune(8th-10th December) this year. Thanks to the NH7 Weekender, the music industry in India has changed drastically and for good! They have been raising the bar every year by inviting artists that we could only dream of listening to! Here are a few reasons why we’re looking forward to it this year…


The NH7 Weekender is literally the greatest way to catch up with your friends, have a majorly chilled out time and watch some amazing live acts all at the same time! We all lead busy lives so heading out for the weekend seems like a great idea to us!

The Meghalaya lineup this year wasn’t appreciated much when they announced the initial acts but when you have the legendary Steve Vai headlining, you shouldn't be in two minds to book your tickets! Meghalaya is a beautiful place and we can’t wait to see what the turn up will be like at the NH7 weekender this year!


It was this time that people went crazy with excitement, when it was announced that the Pune lineup this year will have American pop and indie band “Cigarettes After Sex” performing. They have given us hits like “Nothing’s gonna hurt you baby” and “Affection” that we can’t wait to hear live!


If you have grown up listening to classic punk rock, we’re sure Ramones is a band you definitely listened to! Well guess what, Marky Ramone, the drummer of The Ramones is coming to Pune NH7 Weekender! We can’t contain our excitement to witnessing what he has in store for us!


Vir Das recently stole our hearts with an outstanding Netflix special! Now it’s your time to watch him live where he and his band Alien Chutney fuse comedy and music together! Hilarious lyrics and a lot of fun is what is in store for you at the NH7 Weekender!


If you’re a fan of chilled out, acoustic music, then Prateek Kuhad is your guy! He does a brilliant job on the guitar and floors us with his beautiful lyrics! If you haven’t checked out his music yet, check out songs like “Yeh pal” and “Raat raazi”. We’re certain you’ll fall in love with his music! Although he isn’t performing in Meghalaya, he’s performing in Pune!

All in all, it’s going to be brilliant music and if you need to do some soul searching, it’s safe to go alone too. So book your solo ticket or get your friends on board for this super fun mini music vacay and we’re sure it won’t disappoint you. The NH7 Weekender is not called the happiest music festival without any reason!

Image credits : Festivalsherpa.com, NatGeoTraveller.in, Motorcitycomiccon.com, InviteMyGuest.in, Prateekkuhad.com

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