No More Getting Late—How To Be On Time Every Time

Written by Khubi Amin AhmedJun 26, 2015
Do you find yourself constantly being pulled up for being late at work? Have you missed deadlines often and wondered why that was so? Well this little quote might strike you with realisation – “I have always been a quarter of an hour before my time, and it has made a man of me” said Lord Nelson and left us with a simple mantra on punctuality. But just how do you achieve the said mantra, you ask? Well read on as we put together a 5 step plan on how to stop being perpetually late.

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Condition yourself to consider being late as inappropriate

If you are perpetually late then you are obviously in a habit that needs to change and that will need you to condition yourself to see the problem and then resolve it. Your being late is more than just a bad habit it is your lack of responsibility and moreover, a lack of respect for the other party. Train yourself to consider it inappropriate and irresponsible and you will be able to start a change.

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Pinpoint a reason

Ask yourself why you are late. Reason out the situation and eliminate from your morning routine what is consuming your time unnecessarily. For example, if your morning coffee and newspaper session is consuming over 15 minutes then cut down on it or wake up early. Whatever your reason, make sure you work on it and cut down on wasting time.  A good tip is to work backwards from the time you need to reach a place or leave the house to figure out what time you really need to wake up.

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Organise your life and up your management game

Being late isn’t just being late to work, it is also being late at work. Sometimes when we aim to over achieve and are too attached to the project at hand we invest way too much time in it. Well that is no good. The idea is to divide work in the given time frame and focus on short term goals that will eventually mount up to being bigger achievements.

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Be realistic with capabilities and timelines

If you are someone who will cram your day with too much just because you are incapable of saying no then being late at submitting work is entirely your fault. Learn to take up what you can deliver. Be practical with your deadlines. Unfortunately, in a work environment best intentions are no excuse for being late with work.

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Honour time

Respect time, your time and everyone else’s time as well. Plan your day in advance and do away with work place distractions that you are guilty of. Social media for instance is a huge waste of time and so are long lunch hours. Make sure you value time and focus on little things that can distract you from keeping tab of time.

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