When it comes to culinary combinations, coffee and dessert tops the charts alongside wine and cheese. Pairing the right coffee with the right dessert can amplify flavours tenfold. That’s why we’re equipping you with this quick guide to ensure you’re doing your sweet tooth justice by complementing your post dinner caffè latte or espresso with the perfect dessert. Take a look…

espresso chocolate peanut butter cake food pairings 600x400

Dessert: Chocolate peanut butter cake
Coffee Pairing: This common favourite is best enjoyed with an espresso. As is the rule, sweet pastries go well with strong brews.

tiramisu and spiced vanilla coffee french pairing 600x400

Dessert: Tiramisu
Coffee Pairing: This classic Italian dessert when paired with a cup of French vanilla-infused coffee such as Spiced Vanilla creates a lethal medley of European flavours.

oatmeal raisin cookie with hair bender coffee pairing 600x400

Dessert: Oatmeal and raisin cookies
Coffee Pairing: A strong cup of Hair Bender (an amalgam of coffee from Latin America, East Africa and Indonesia) brewed in a French press is great with Oatmeal-raisin cookies. Light- to medium-roast Nicaraguan and Kona coffees too are ideal for pairing with the lighter flavour of oatmeal raisin cookies.

crisp mocha biscotti peppermint mocha pairings 600x400

Dessert: Crisp mocha biscotti
Coffee Pairing: Crisp mocha biscotto is perfect for dunking into the Peppermint Mocha making it an easy combination. One of the most popular baked treats to be relished with coffee, biscotti comes in flavours and varieties to suit nearly any palate. Classic almond, cherry, chocolate go well with espresso.

cinnamon rolls colombian guatemalan coffees combo 600x400

Dessert: Cinnamon rolls
Coffee Pairing: The caramel and chocolate notes in Colombian and Guatemalan coffees are a natural fit for cinnamon rolls. They are also said to taste delicious when served with cardamom-spiced coffee.

blackberry lemon thyme muffins costa rican mexican coffee 600x400

Dessert: Blackberry, lemon, and thyme muffins
Coffee Pairing: Some find that Costa Rican and Mexican coffees are especially good with muffins. Limited edition coffee, La Perla de Oaxaca from Mexico leaves hints of citrus and a honeyed finish when relished with berry muffins.