It’s likely that you’ve heard a pair of well defined eyebrows being referred to as ‘on fleek’ or a great heels being called ‘fetch’. Don’t worry, it isn’t a case of mistaken hearing because those are some of the most common internet slang words that are used in abundance. That’s right because we’re in an age where celebrity couples are ‘shipped’ and avocado toast is ‘tope’. Sometimes we get by through vigorous head nodding but other times, even we can’t save ourselves since we’re clueless to their meaning.


But before you break into a sweat, our list of internet slang words will have your back in any social situations. So the next time you’re on a coffee run and your buddy call says it’s ‘basic’, you won’t have to nod your head unknowingly again.

OTP a.k.a One True Pairing

What it means - When you appreciate a couple that is made for each other being together romantically.

Usage - George and Amal Clooney are definitely the OTP of my dreams!

JSYK a.k.a Just So You Know

What it means - An acronym used to update or inform, another version of FYI a.k.a. For Your Information

Usage - Everyone’s a Lady Gaga fan now but JSYK, I was her fan right from her Mother Monster days


What it means - A combination of the words tight and dope. Something that is spectacular and wonderful.

Usage - Those leather leggings and boots looked so tope together!

Throwing shade

What it means - To talk badly or denounce someone whom you dislike.

Usage -  It was obvious that she couldn’t stand her, based on how she threw so much shade last night.



What it means - Target. A position that you would want to be in.

Usage - Looking at her being CEO gives me serious career goals.


What it means - A manner of bragging about oneself without doing it outright and shrouding it in humility

Usage - She’s been humblebragging all week about planning her wedding and getting a promotion at work.


What it means - Amazing or awesome.

Usage - Her birthday dinner last night was so lit!


What it means - Someone who is exceptional at what they do and worked hard for it.

Usage - Just one look at his achievements will show you what a baller guy he is!

Slay or slaying

What it means - The act of achieving the extraordinary

Usage - Beyoncé slayed her performance at the Super Bowl!


Ship or Shipping

What it means -  To show your support or endorsement of a relationship.

Usage - I completely ship Alia and Siddharth, they make such a great couple!


What it means - The new way of saying bro in order to address a person

Usage - Are we done with the groceries, sis?


What it means - To describe something as being the very best.

Usage - That stake was was savage; I’ve never had anything that good before!

Yass Queen!

What it means - A shout of excitement in support of an individual.

Usage - Lady Gaga’s Bowie tribute was exceptional! Yass Queen!

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