Add a touch of chic to your wedding décor this season by optimising on the colour of the year—Radiant Orchid. As a flower, orchids are known to be exotic and dramatic—making the hue a perfect choice for your biggest day. With orchids you can go from playful and quirky to clean, classic and polished. Look through our Radiant Orchid lookbook and maybe you can take some ideas back to the drawing room.

radiant orchid wedding theme colour 2014 venue 430x550

Beach weddings are generally synonymous with a fuss-free and rustic ambience. Which is why, an abundance of bright purple petals against white sandy beaches will make for a picturesque sight. Just cordon off a part of the beach to do this so you and your guests can have plenty of Kodak moments throughout the celebrations!

radiant orchid wedding theme colour 2014 chair arrangement 430x550

Picking a predominant colour for your functions is crucial—not for anything else but for the simple reason that having too many colours ends up looking unsynchronised. And don’t think the colour palette will limit you because you’ll be working with every shade of that colour to complement your décor. With an orchid purple base, you can use green to delicately infuse two tones together and bring out the purple through additional accents—like these chair accessories.

radiant orchid wedding theme colour 2014 candles 430x550

One décor element that we absolutely love especially when it comes to weddings are candles. Candles fulfil so many purposes, tinkering with each one of the senses. Scented candles will infuse your entire venue with subtle floral notes, and add in an element of beauty in terms of sight as they will light up the area with their soft flames. These purple candles placed in a floral bouquet are perfect on all counts.

radiant orchid wedding theme colour 2014 flower bouquet 430x550

Never underestimate the power of a strong and impactful bouquet of flowers at a wedding. The tradition of guests taking home a bouquet is a lovely one, so make sure your bouquets really pack in a punch. This rose pink, serene white, soft green and purple bouquet makes for a beautiful centre piece.

radiant orchid wedding theme colour 2014 dinner set 430x550

It’s all in the details! If you allow yourself to have a more intimate wedding (which undoubtedly will be more rewarding) you can focus on the details that go into making your wedding day perfect. We love the idea of having a table set rather that buffet style, which you can only do at a small wedding. But if you can—you’ve got yourself a personalised menu, arranged seating and pretty little table settings.