So you’ve got them, woofs, wags and purrs around the house and that pet is as important a member of your family as any? Well then, your pet deserves as much attention as any other member when it comes to monsoon care. As a pet parent you need to be mindful of your pet’s monsoon care at many levels including space, hygiene and health. Read on therefore as we put down a list of pet care tips you can take cues from.

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Home care and hygiene to avoid infections

Pets are as prone to skin infections during monsoons as we are. In fact it can get worse with the pets because of the fur (dirty fur can carry infections all over the house.) It is important therefore to keep your pet’s fur clean, dried and powdered at all times. Make sure you clean the paws, ears and the fur at large with lukewarm water, dry them regularly and well and use medicated talcum powders with disinfectant ingredients like neem and others to avoid odour and infections.

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Pet accessories (rain coats or leash umbrellas)

While it is only understood that you buy a quintessential raincoat for your pet it is equally important to take care that the pet is comfortable in what you have bought them. Don’t force care on your pets against their comfort. Also there is a host of other rain accessories that are available like the leash umbrellas that can keep your pets safe and comfortable.

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Healthy diet

It is extremely important to watch your pet’s diet plan as part of its health regime. Considering your pet will spend more time indoors during monsoon, it is advisable to add and omit from its diet plan accordingly. To boost your pet’s metabolism feed them a balanced diet rich in protein, fiber and vitamins based on the pet’s health, age and size.

P.S: Keep their food dish clean.

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Pet grooming for good

While there are many pet grooming options available at the many pet parlours that have now cropped up, basic hygiene and care may be the way to go during monsoon. Regular baths with appropriate products like the anti-flea shampoos, medicated talcum powders, medicated wipes, buds and pet manicures-pedicures might be of great help.

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Vaccination and medication

Proper medication prescribed by a doctor and a vaccination plan can help keep your pet in the right health. Consulting a vet and proper medical care will help you build a strong immunity for your pet.