The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival has just wrapped up its 17th successful run as a community celebration of the arts at Mumbai’s most beautiful and historic precinct. While all kinds of art forms kept the art district buzzing last week, art installations were a staple attraction that kept the crowds wooed! Here’s archiving 6 art installations that our lensman and art reporter found congenial…

kala ghoda art festival art installations the last drop 430x550

Conserve that drop
The last drop’by Brinda Miller, Vikram Bawa and Vikram Arora was a set up of a giant tap and bucket where people wait in a queue to collect limited supplies of water. Portraying the sensitive issue of water conservation, this was one of our favourites.

kala ghoda art festival art installations by thesea shore 600x400

By the seashore
‘ON THE SEASHORE OF ENDLESS WORLDS’ by Sharmistha Ray was a painted sculpture of the crescent moon and the tides. Erected at the traffic island, the sculpture served as a metaphor for the unending ebb and flow of life.

kala ghoda art festival art installations contrapuntal 600x400

Of forms and thoughts
CONTRAPUNTAL: MELODIES IN TOUCH’ by Uttara Joshi, Anjum Motiwala and Deepti Nair, at the Rampart Row was a sharp blend of singular forms and synchronous thoughts. Thought-provoking and artsy with geometric forms, this one totally won us over.

kala ghoda art festival art installations cycling tree 600x400

Cyclic art
THE CYCLING TREE’ by the TAD Connect Team comprising Darshini Thanawala, Zohra Mutabanna, Biraj Parikh was planted to pedal the love for cycling and endorse its benefits on your health as well as the environment.

kala ghoda art festival art installations haath gaadi 600x400

Cart of hope
REVERIE WAGON’ by Aswad Sheikh glorifies the haath-gaadi in an attempt to promote it as a symbol of hope, hard work and a living earned through hardship.

kala ghoda art festival art installations semantic gestures 600x400

Semantics of touch
‘SEMANTICS OF GESTURES’ by Anushree Chatterjee from the NGO Start World was a take on touch and its many manifestations across the globe.