For the 3rd edition of our BB Art Showcase, we chose surrealist Avantika Mathur who is making waves in the Indian art circuit with her edgy artwork and contemporary funk. We first witnessed her work at The Art Market in Mumbai.

avantika mathur a surrealist jamshedpur 430x430

Exploring female symbolism through surrealism, Mathur projects the struggles of women folk. Her technique? She delineates imagery fresh from our subconscious and pushes the narrative beyond just visual pleasures. Her work is that brand of visual delight which churns your brain and compels you to get thinking. Read on as we get her to spill the beans about her artsy ideas and endeavors…

How would you define your art in terms of genre?

Me and my art are inspired by surrealism. A reality away from reality, in terms of genre I would say "pop surrealistic" art.

avantika mathur a surrealist 430x430

What is your art background? Previous work?

I come from a very culturally nurtured family. Art and music runs in my blood. To pursue my ambitions I educated and trained hard. Did my bachelors in fine arts and art history from the University of Philippines at Manila, followed it up with masters in creative paintings from SNDT Mumbai.

In parallel, have been working as a freelancer for last ten years dabbling predominantly in the acrylic medium. I love exploring new modes of art using this medium. My work usually deals with issues and expressions concerning women power.

Bulk of my work is on canvas and large format installations. From last year I started making graffiti and soon, I will club my art with fashion.

avantika mathur art work 430x430

Any piece of work that you’re particularly proud of?

As an artist it's difficult to pick and choose from amongst your own work. My best is yet to come. But I'm proud of the theme I tackle and subjects I work on, namely, women.

Some other artist’s work that you wish was yours?

Salvador Dali undoubtedly! He's a surreal art genius. I admire his narrative. Each work of his is a story; there’s an unparalleled skill from thought to execution.

What is the newest art trend world over? What art trends are hitting the Indian shores?

The world is going digital and India is going contemporary. A lot of digital and video art is coming our way. This is also an ideal time for experimental art.

avantika mathur featured art work 600x400

Share with us the thought process behind the artwork featured above?

This artwork is titled ‘The Willing Flesh.’ The idea was to highlight body art, a future fashion trend, in which ace dancer Bhumika Arora was synchronised with the fibre glass mannequin, both of which I painted identical.

Photographer Parizad D made this connect come alive.

This is my idea of freedom, because women in society, especially ours, have all sorts of restrictions preventing them from exploring what they want to be. I wanted a powerful, physical way to highlight the notion that fashion is the way to help make women’s spirits soar and help them express themselves.

This tool makes them project who they are, and who they can become. Keeping this concept in mind I am also working on another project – ‘Where Art Meets Fashion,’ collaging images from popular Indian and international magazines. This composition is an inspiration and is supposed to act as a narrative on women’s life and lifestyle.

avantika mathurs art 600x400

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