If there ever was anything productive that came out of the million scrolls through our Instagram feeds—it’d be people getting funnier and wittier about situations gone wrong. Beauty memes are proof enough of people taking the high road and laughing it off. Listed below are some of the funniest ones, that we curated, if only to make your day better.

face emoji

Isn’t it every girl’s dream to get that chiseled jawline with her magic wand of contouring? Thanks iOS 10 for that sculpted face emoji!

perfecting winged eye

If this one didn’t crack you up, what will? Aren’t Beibers’ feelings echoing our thoughts on perfecting that winged eye?

smouldering eyes

We promise—the word ‘smoke’ in our head only means smouldering eyes, thanks to the fortune we’ve spent on eyeshadow palettes.

good hair day

You’d be lying if you said you didn’t take 1000000k selfies on a good hair day, wouldn’t you?

cat eyes makeup look

Totally giving your makeup skills a complex, isn’t she? This year is going to be all about acing makeup looks!

queen like feeling

You know that perfect moment when your bronzer does the job and your razor sharp jawline comes into focus? Such a queen-like feeling!

Image Credits: Pinterest, Sizzle