If you are anything like us and like your investments in your closets then here is one piece of monsoon advice we know you will value. Maintaining your prized possessions i.e. those beloved shoes and keeping them from a fungal attack during the monsoons may seem like a humongous task but it really isn’t that much. With these few easy measures you can keep your shoes in the right health. Read on…

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Wipe clean and let dry to perfection

Keeping the shoe clean and muck-free is a must in any weather but during the monsoon both humidity and moisture can harm your shoes in equal measure. While the muck obviously needs thorough cleaning, your feet sweat owing to the humidity can leave the insides of your shoes smelly and lead to fungal growth. To curb any fungal infection therefore clean your shoes and leave them out to dry overnight (with the fan on full speed) so that they’re fully dry and aired out before putting them away.

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Wrap them in cloth bags

Keeping your shoes in a cloth bag, as opposed to the possibly moist, rusty shoe rack or even worse the cardboard box, is always a better idea. Some brands of shoes come with cloth bags so you can just save those and reuse them for storage else you can just pick a new bunch.

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Storage tips for your shoes

The idea is to not pack your shoes off immediately after you have taken them off. Wait for the shoes to dry off under a fan or in the sun. This way you will eliminate the moisture and smell. Then stuff the shoes with Silica satchels or newspapers so they can retain their shape. Now wrap them in the cloth bag before storing them.

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Heel Condoms

Heel condoms, as sassy as they sound, are high on utility and are extremely useful when it comes to adding funk to your stilettos and guarding them against the rainy season. Available in pretty prints and shapes they keep your shoes firm with a tie up around your ankle.

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Unconditional conditioning

A shoe conditioner to keep your favourite shoe in good health during monsoon is really no big investment. Use a rain and stain repellant to weather-proof your shoes and guard them against the monsoon hazards.

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