You'll receive a lot of invitations to card parties this week. Chances are you'll even be throwing one yourself. Take a look at some of the quirky, funky accessories we found to make the most of this season.

3 fun buys for your diwali card party nappa dori poker card case 430x550

Go sleek and stylish

Love leather? Here's a handcrafted card case made from genuine leather with a magnetic clasp for fastening. It comes with two decks of poker cards, along with a loop for a pen or pencil and a frame for a score card. May the best man win!

Available on; 1,750

3 fun buys for your diwali card party flipkart 430x550

Love Poker?

Having a party? Win your friends over with this set of chips and cards. It contains one full deck of cards, a rule booklet, a metal gold plated Dealer Button, and around 300 chips. Translation: an all-nighter full of fun.

Available on; 5,400

3 fun buys for your diwali card party amazon drinking roulette 430x550

Combine two favourite things

A great way to spice up a dinner party this time of the year – Place your bets and take your chances with this fun drinking game. If your shot glass corresponds to the number you spun, empty the glass and spin it again. It's a great way to enjoy mocktails and home-made shots as well as the company of your family and friends.

Available on; 1,100