Defying stereotypes and breaking free from the confines of customs, women today are deconstructing definitions of masculinity. There is a visible change in social ethos, as women are claiming their share of space. No part of the social sphere is now devoid of women and that has begun to now reflect in films and television, world over. This may easily be the golden age for women centric shows and with women’s day around the corner, it perfect time to binge in to a women-centric sitcom spree. Read on as we list 5 shows with fiercely independent female protagonists battling life on their own terms…

tvs top 5 fierce female protagonist good wife 600x400

The Good Wife
Woven around the premise of political scandals, the show takes after many a real life stories (read: Bill Clinton, Dick Morris). With Alicia Florrick as the protagonist, the show shifts focus from the controversial husband to the ‘good wife’. The plot revolves around Alicia’s struggles of juggling home, a professional life, her children and her husband’s scandal. Now did that sound relatable or what?  Well yeah, we heard you sigh! You’ve gotta tune in.

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Orange Is The New Black
Based on Piper Kerman's memoir, Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women's Prison; the show revolves around Chapman, her arrest and her adventures at the women’s prison. Laced with humor, heart and poignancy, the show has been given four stars by many critics. The show also took home the Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series award at the Screen Actors Guild Awards this year.

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30 Rock
This one is a workplace comedy that will have you in splits over corporate stupidities. A satirical sitcom created by two-time Golden Globe host Tina Fey, the show is based on what takes place behind the scenes of a fictional comedy. The show stands out manly because all the characters shine through including Fey and Alec Baldwin.

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Another workplace comedy with a political bend, the show revolves around the protagonist Selina Meyer, a fictional Vice President of the United States. Veep is a satire that delves into Meyer’s life as a divorced single mother, the hits and misses of her political career and her entangled romance with her ex-husband.

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Masters of Sex
Set in the 1950s and early 60s, the show explores the research and relationship between William Masters and Virginia Johnson, both pioneers of the science of human sexuality. Virginia, the female lead is an ahead of her times, divorced single mother who is determined to have a meaningful career.