Even though Mother’s Day isn’t celebrated until May, Dolce & Gabbana sent their celebratory collection ‘Viva la mamma’ (that reads ‘Hurray for Mum’) down the runway at the Milan Fashion Week this March itself. Next step en route the brand's summer 2015 ad campaign where they celebrate all things familial, Dolce and Gabbana’s ‘Viva la mamma’ went all out to honor the lady of the house. Of course, we loved everything about the collection…

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As curtains drew open at the Dolce and Gabbana’s Milan Fashion Week collection, model mothers and model mothers-to-be took to the runway adorned in their most prized accessories – their own children. The model mothers with toddlers in tow walked with their kids held against their D&Gs – a metaphor for the dual roles that women play with such panache.

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While the classic Italian pop song "Viva la Mama" by Edoardo Bennato and “Mama” by the Spice Girls played along with the show’s theme, the eternal D&G beauty Bianca Balti walked the ramp stunning in a beige dress, heavily pregnant with her second child.

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As for the clothes, children’s doodles and children’s scribbles served as a common thread for most of the outfits. A few evening dresses were adorned with heavy rose motifs and ‘I love you mommy’ messages too. While some dresses were worthy of being passed down as heirlooms, some seemed a little too much in sync with the theme.

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But then again, the ‘Viva la mamma’ collection isn’t all that there is to D&G’s summer 2015 campaign. There is a print ad and a campaign video that’s worth your while too.

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While the print ads beautifully feature a group of senior ladies that showcase the brand's accessories the campaign video is equally exceptional. It features shirtless male models, D&G muses and some adorable grand mums, all in the same capacity, flamenco dancing and making merry.