Finally up and running is the long-awaited $2 billion Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport’s Terminal 2. Home to one of the largest art galleries in such a facility, this new terminal beautifully depicts India’s vibrant culture and heritage through a mosaic haven that is gradually on its way to instate itself as a monument that represents the pride and glory of the subcontinent.

t2 figurines at terminal 2 430x550

Dedicated to the nation by ex Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Terminal 2 (T2) boasts impeccable precision in detail.

t2 peacock inspiration 430 X 550

The terminal is designed with a dancing peacock theme in which special lights move with the changing direction of the sun, reflecting an array of colours and angles.

t2 filigree work at terminal 2 430x550

It is the brilliant thought of including a magnanimous display of approximately 7,000 artefacts collected from over 1,500 artists across the country that make up the heart of the terminal.

t2 art work at terminal 2 430x550

It truly speaks of the country’s dedication to the arts, to her rich culture and the importance and pride we place on our opulent and nuanced heritage.

t2 arrivals at terminal 2 430x550

Making for an invigorating change from being hit by a stench of humidity and mosquitoes, Terminal 2 ensures that you’re welcomed into the country with all the wealth and gold you could possibly take in.

vintage bollywood artwork at terminal two 430x550

In terms of an identity that India has to offer, all the way from pop-culture, to Bollywood to the esteemed handicrafts—this master-museum facility leaves gleaming with pride.