5 Beauty Podcasts That You Need To Hear As Soon As Yesterday

Written by Khubi Amin AhmedSep 16, 2023
5 Beauty Podcasts that you need to hear as soon as yesterday

Aren’t you totally done with the verbal diarrhea that some beauty tutorials and blogs push down our throat in the name of beauty gyaan and trends? Wouldn’t you enjoy a relevant, well-researched and well thought-out beauty conversation instead? Well, that’s exactly what has lead us to explore beauty podcasts! 

Still a relatively new concept in India; beauty podcasts are a huge relief for those of us that are exhausted with the explosion of brainless beauty banter on social media. And if you are someone who knows our plight, then here is listing some super awesome and authentic podcasts—hosted by beauty experts and beauty journalists from around the globe.

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Fat Mascara

Glowing Up With Esther And Caroline

With each episode, hosts Jessica Matlin and Jennifer Goldstein—both established voices in beauty—bring us some very well thought-out beauty conversations around upcoming beauty trends, Instagram fads, products and more. As beauty journalists, they also share their beauty adventures, fails, hacks and more!

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Breaking Beauty

Glowing Up With Esther And Caroline

Created and curated by beauty editors Carlene Higgins and Jill Dunn this podcast is a sassy, witty and funny revelation of all the inside scoop from the beauty industry. They even have guests over to discuss the very, many aspects of beauty and skin care.  

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Full Coverage

Glowing Up With Esther And Caroline

Full Coverage is a beauty podcast by beauty addicts for beauty addicts! Hosted by Harriet Hadfield, a popular makeup artist and Lindsey Kelk, an author and a beauty blogger—this one is all about cult beauty products, launches and all the beauty info straight from the industry know-it-alls.  

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Glowing Up With Esther And Caroline

Glowing Up With Esther And Caroline

This podcast by Esther and Caroline is basically a fun documentation of their quest for glowing skin. Intelligent beauty conversations with beauty editors and makeup experts that range from skin care and makeup to wellness; this podcast is honest, brash, fun and informative. What’s not to love, ladies!

The Beauty Brains

This weekly podcast hosted by cosmetic chemists, Perry Romanowski and Randy Schuelle is like listening to your very own skin expert or dermat just without spending a fortune on that appointment. 
The duo talks about beauty breakthroughs, beauty science and address beauty and skin care queries.  

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