How To Host An Independence Day Party At Home

Written by Team BBMay 17, 2022
How to host an Independence Day party at home

It’s the time of the year to feel nostalgic and patriotic. Independence Day for a lot of us means hearing our grandparents recount their stories of the freedom struggle, watching the Independence Day parade and listening to patriotic songs. If you want to make the most of this holiday and host an Independence Day party, we tell you how to do it traditional style.




Don’t spend too much on this just to make it perfect. You can purchase the Indian flag and put it up on the wall. You can also make rangoli at the door in keeping with the theme. Use tri-coloured balloons and hang them in clusters around the house. To add a touch of green, you can also decorate with potted plants.



Dress code


Not a math equation to crack, the dress code should be as simple as the colours of the Indian flag. Tell your guests to wear Indian clothes to make this a fun affair. You can even opt for a pristine, white look. Jazz it up with orange and green bangles.


Music and games


Don’t play those English tracks in your playlists—they will not suit the theme at all. Create a playlist of patriotic numbers to make the ambience one of patriotism.
Make some themed based games. You can play charades but just with the movies that are related to Independence Day. Or you can play the classic antakshari with patriotic songs. You can also a You can play the favourite house-hold game Antakshari, with just patriotic songs.




It’s a great idea to serve up your guests food in the tricolours. Some of the options are tricoloured dhoklas, idlis and sandwiches. You can also prepare chutneys in the colours of the Indian flag. Go all out with your creativity—and have a happy Independence Day!

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