While fruits and juices will help you beat the heat, yoghurt is protein packed and instantly cools the system during this season. Take it as dessert or a quick snack topped with nuts, this one has various benefits. Still not convinced about why you must include curd in your summer diet? We tell you why.

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Helps in digestion

Yoghurt helps fight digestion issues that we may suffer from during the summers. It helps you deal with stomach problems and provides relief to the system. It’s also filling so you don’t have to resort to eating junk food if you’re hungry.

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Boosts your mood

Summers are a time of complaining and frowning. So the next time your mood’s down, just treat yourself to a bowl of yoghurt because research suggests that probiotics can help lift one’s mood. It may not be an anti-depressant as such but it certainly helps you feel better.

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Weight loss

We’ll do anything and everything for weight loss, right? But one of the simplest ways to shed those extra pounds is by eating yoghurt. While it is known to reduce belly fat, this food also helps in keeping the weight in check. Just remember to eat it plain and not add sugar.

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Makes bones stronger

Today several women suffer from weakening of bones and calcium deficiency.  Yoghurt is rich in calcium and can help in preventing arthritis in the future, ladies.  So hurry up and eat your bowl of yoghurt regularly to stay fit and fab!