4 Ways To Include Watermelon In Your Diet This Summer

Written by Team BBOct 05, 2016
There’s no doubt about the fact that watermelon is one of the best solutions to beating the heat. But how about making things more interesting and enjoying the fruit in a fun way? Here’s listing various ways in which you can eat this juicy fruit.

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Watermelon and feta salad

If you’re a health freak and want a way to cool off, try this easy summer salad. While we love watermelon by itself, topping it with some feta cheese is going to make this fruit yummier. Have this salad as a light dinner after a hot summer day or whip it up for guests who’re sure to relish bowls of it.

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Watermelon sorbet

Summer brings us so many wonderful fruits and although our heart beats for mangoes, watermelons too have a special place in our summer diet. But instead of eating it by itself, why not make a sorbet out of it? After all, it’s oh so easy –you just need the fruit, water and sugar. It’s not just refreshing but it’s also going to be the perfect dessert for the summers. So the next time you’re at the fruit market, don’t forget to pick up a watermelon to make a cool sorbet for yourself.

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Watermelon pops

Don’t know about you but we just love having fun with food. And what better way to celebrate summers than throwing a watermelon popsicle party! It’s simple – you just need some diced watermelon, lime juice and some honey. Lightly sweetened, these ice pops are the best way to cool off in the summers.

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Watermelon margarita

The perfect drink on a hot summer day, a watermelon margarita is absolutely delicious. The best part? This drink doesn’t need much sugar so you need not worry about it being calorific. Add a bit of lime juice to make it slightly tangy. We suggest you rim your glasses with some sugar to make things fancy!

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