Here is a formal announcement that the chill is back in the air thanks to the rain of course! And with that is back the need to tuck those toes and wrap your hands around a hot bowl of soup or better still a hot platter of comfort food. Here is listing therefore a few comfort foods to binge on this monsoon.

comfort food for monsoon celery soup 600x400 img

Creamy Celery Soup

As the weather to curl up and sit cozy in a blanket dawns upon us it’s time to enjoy a warm bowl of soup and what better than a healthy bowl of classic creamy celery soup. Served with some onions, squeezed lemon and cream, celery soup is perfect to warm up on a chilly rainy day.

comfort food for monsoon macaroni cheese 600x400

Macaroni and cheese

Mac and cheese is something we never out of irrespective of our age. Especially on a chilly rainy evening a hot and cheesy mac and cheese is more comforting than anything else. And just in case the original mac and cheese recipe wasn’t good enough for you adding *Chorizos will enhance the taste ten folds

*Chorizo is heavily seasoned, coarsely ground pork sausage flavored with garlic, chili powder and other spices. It's widely used in Mexican and Spanish dishes.

comfort food for monsoon chicken stew 600x400

Chicken Stew

Chicken soup is considered the ultimate comfort food and the most delicious version of it is the chicken stew. Loaded with hearty pieces of chicken, sweet broth, bright vegetables and a tinge of hot sauce, the thick chicken stew is a common favourite.

comfort food for monsoon baked potato wedges 430x550

Baked potato wedges

Oven baked potatoes are a healthier take on fries but with just as much taste. Hot baked potato wedges with a dip of your liking make perfect evening snack for a rainy evening.

comfort food for monsoon grilled cheese 600x400

Classic grilled cheese

A classic grilled cheese sandwich is every soul’s comfort food. Who can possibly deny being in complete love with those first set of sandwiches we learnt to make ourselves. Constructing a sandwich with the left-over food from last night, some cheese, eggs and sauces all grilled to make a yummy treat, now that is something all of us can resort to on a rainy day.