You’ve woken up to a nasty hangover after a night full of fun and games and of course, loads of alcohol. The morning after is naturally one helluva tough day, what with you waking up with a headache coupled with a feeling of exhaustion? But that’s no excuse to quit the day and go back to sleep, right? You have to get going and do your chores. But there are some foods that could ease out the hangover and help you ease the hangover. Want to know what these are? Take a look.


Coconut water

Alcohol is diuretic, which means it draws out all the water from your body leaving you dehydrated. You may not be aware but coconut water has loads of electrolytes and vitamins that will restore the nutrients you’ve lost due to alcohol. So this is the kind of drink that will leave you hydrated, energised and revitalised.



Eggs contain the amino acid cysteine that has the ability to break down the toxins that are the actual cause of the hangover. Besides, eggs contain taurine, which can reverse the liver damage that takes place due to a night full of drinking. Moreover, they are packed with proteins so it will give you ample energy to get through the day.



Bananas are also a great way to replace potassium and other electrolytes lost due to excessive alcohol. The nausea and weakness in the body takes place when you are low on potassium during a hangover. So just grab a banana or two if you really wish to get over the stubborn hangover.



Trust us—your liver will thank you for eating toast. Usually, your liver automatically produces glucose from the stored carbs when your blood sugar dips. But when you’ve had too much to drink, your liver is trying to metabolise the alcohol and cannot really maintain the blood sugar thereby leaving you drained. So it’ll be a great idea to add some toast to your breakfast the morning you wake up to a hangover.



Besides being a powerful antioxidant, ginger can help reduce the feeling of nausea as it’s an anti-inflammatory and helps the digestive system. Have it in the form of a tea and you’re good to fight the hangover!