Next time your sweet tooth craves indulgence and your taste buds give in to the sinful reveries, treat yourself to some gorgeous goodness of homemade confections, made straight off your kitchen shelf. Dreading the tedious humongous process of baking, you say? Allow us to offer you an easy-peasy sweet deal minus the microwave mayhem! Here’s our list of 5 fuss-free no-bake desserts every lazy girl has to know...

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Oreo cookie and cream cake

Create a base of crumbled and buttered Oreo cookies, pick your preferred flavour of pudding mix (read – lemon or chocolate with oodles of cream cheese) or throw in some white chocolate and sprinkle with yet another layer of crumbled Oreo cookies for a scrumptious frozen dessert.

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Golden nut bars

Sugar, golden syrup and peanut butter stirred into a smooth paste, folded in rice bubbles or grated nuts, lined in a tray and topped with melted chocolate, that’s all you need to refrigerate for about an hour and there you have it, your nut bars are ready to nom on.

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Chocolate bar

Melt chocolate, butter and sugar syrup in a heatproof bowl, stir in crumbled digestive biscuits with chopped apricots, pistachios (or any dried fruit of your taste). Spoon the mixture in a tin, cool and refrigerate. And Tada! Your chocolate bar is ready to be cut and served.

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Raw banoffee pie

Prepare the slightly crunchy almond and pecan base for the nutty goodness in contrast with a thick layer of whisked banana-cream (pick a flavour that suits your palate), throw in some banana slices and top it with the final layer of incredible caramel goodness. Freeze. That’s your incredibly yummy banoffee pie.

no bake desserts for lazy girls nutella peanut butter cookies 600x400

Nutella and peanut butter cookies

Bring sugar, milk, cocoa powder and margarine to boil. Toss in Nutella, vanilla, salt and peanut butter to the hot mixture and stir in oats. Drop spoonful portions of the gooey mixture on butter paper and let cool. Indulge!