5 No-Cook Foods To Carry On Your Next Road Trip

Written by Shreya ContractorMay 03, 2017
5 no-cook foods to carry on your next road trip

With the ongoing summer vacations and long weekends, a summer getaway is likely to be the first thing on your mind. We’d written about affordable beach locations to head to, that are closer to home, because let’s face it, Goa plans never happen. Period. Your best bet at having an actual getaway with friends would be a road trip that isn’t too far away from home because... permission issues.

Don’t sulk though. For you could still have a great time—it’s a road trip after all! And we’re only going to help make it better with these easy no-cook foods to carry on your next road trip, that are guaranteed less hassle and more fun!


Cheese crackers

Granola bars

Of course these are the easiest to carry, that’s precisely why we’re even recommending them—except they’re healthier (baked) and better sources of protein compared to the fried chips you’re more likely to be snacking up on!


Peanut butter sandwiches

Granola bars

Duh! Who could refuse PB&Js? If you actually know someone who can, please don’t take her along on your road trip. You don’t need that kind of negative energy. Besides, PB&Js are a great source of all the healthy carbs you’ll need to energise yourself.


Hard-boiled eggs

Granola bars

The ultimate source of protein, but, you already know it. So go boil a few, slice them up and sprinkle salt and pepper. If you’re the conscious kind, you could toss the yolks, but not the whites—those are keepers!


Corn salad

Granola bars

We all have that one friend that gets struck with the flu at the wrong time—but he’s still being a good sport and coming along, isn’t he? Carry some boiled corn for him, and add some butter to it for extra TLC (that you could totally use too…)


Granola bars

Granola bars

Probably the healthiest option to munch on, that comprises of almonds, peanuts, raisins and dates—basically, everything you’d rather binge on than be binging on carbs and later regretting it. Plus, these also fill you up quite well, so you won’t find yourself looking for the nearest burger joint.

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