The summer is here and we’re already complaining about a number of things – from skin rashes to loss of appetite and the fear of tanning. But you know what’s the silver lining here? Yummy chilled desserts straight out of the fridge that promise to make any hot day ten times better. Have a look at our list of 5 super easy desserts to treat yourself to this season.

ready to eat summer desserts mango cream 430x550


To us, summer means Mangoes period. While we can have anything and everything with Mangoes, the one thing you’ll always find in our fridge is a bowl of mango cream. Slices of Alphonso dipped in fresh cream – doesn’t it already have your mouth watering? Don’t take us lightly when we say that every time we dig into this heavenly piece of work, we feel like life just gets a tad bit better. Such a mood lifter, isn’t it?

ready to eat summer desserts icecream sandwich 600x400


Having a bad summer day? Treat yourself to an ice cream sandwich! Vanilla, chocolate or butterscotch ice cream served between cookies, thick biscuit or cake, this dessert is perfect to beat the heat. Plus, it can be prepared within minutes. So if you’re lazy like us and have a sweet tooth, this is your go-to dessert this season. Oh and while you’re at it, don’t forget to add some colourful sprinkles to make it pretty!

ready to eat summer desserts watermelon granita 430x550


The joy of relishing chunks of watermelon on a hot summer day remains unmatched. And when it’s in the form of a granita, it has us jumping with joy. Just cut some watermelon, add some sugar and lemon juice and blend it before freezing it in a bowl till the sides are frozen. Draw the ice from the sides to the center and repeat this (by placing the mixture in the freezer multiple times) till you get a crushed ice texture.

ready to eat summer desserts yogurt parfait berries 600x400


Thinking of preparing a fancy yet easy dessert this summer? Try yogurt parfait topped with berries. All you need is some vanilla yogurt, berries and fresh fruits that’ll dress up your parfait so perfectly. For the calorie conscious, there’s always the option of non-fat yogurt. A breakfast option or a snack towards the end of a tiring day, this dessert is sure to be relished by everyone.

ready to eat summer desserts lemon vodka popsicle 600x400


We have to admit – vodka makes us happy. And when it’s in the form of a dessert, it makes us twice as happy! If you’re calling friends over for a summer party, the Lemon Vodka Popsicle is your best bet. All you need is a popsicle mould, lemonade and vodka. Mix it up, freeze it and voila! You have a treat for your friends who’re going to love you for giving them this refreshing treat. So go ahead, try this out and thank us later.