6 Desi Drinks To Beat The Heat This Summer

Written by Shreya ContractorSep 20, 2018
6 desi drinks to beat the heat this summer
Long day at work and your shirt’s already soaking wet by the time you got home. You’re thinking that long commute sure took its toll on you and now, all you need is a chilled drink to beat the heat. Ditch that soda and make a switch to the these desi drinks this summer.

Aam panna


One of the greatest perks of summer—mangoes. Once you're done segregating all the ripe and pulpy ones for the aam ras, squash the raw ones into the most chilling aam panna to sit back with on your couch.


Ganne ka ras


You're already nodding in agreement at the thought of that sugarcane juice that has more ice cubes than your vodka tonic. Yeah well, here's another desi drink that your soft drink can't beat!


Rose sherbet


Too many childhood memories attached to this drink, aren't there? Well, if it served as a good heat buster after football practice, no reason it can't after a long day at work. Just add a few sabja seeds to spunk it up some more!




There's no beating lassi, especially with that rich layer of malai on top—slurp! And when mom adds her personal touch to it with some kaju kishmish, how could any aerated beverage ever beat it?




You didn't forget about this legendary drink you’d have post a healthy match of cricket, did you? All those added spices of tamarind, mint and black pepper only did you good for they helped your digestive system in the long run.




Lastly, shikanji is where your ordinary glass of nimbu paani totally gets pimped up by adding extra spices such as black salt, cumin powder and black pepper to it. Because why be basic when you can slay?

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