8 Food Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

Written by Shreya ContractorMay 17, 2022
8 food Instagram accounts you should follow
They said the way to a man's heart was through his stomach. Fast forward to the 21st century, and turns out, that's the way to a woman's heart too (that and a pair of shoes perhaps). For those of you who are nodding in agreement, here’s a lowdown of the Instagram accounts that you ought to follow to fill your heart and stomach…

@iamafoodblog | Food & Travel


A classic tale of loving your food so much, you attempt to bring it to life!

Follow this account—for food that comes with a side of quirk.


@shivesh17 | Shivesh


A food blogger and a self taught baker, Shivesh is a notch above your average 20-something year old struggling to flip an omelette.

Follow this account—for lessons on food photography and food styling.


@foodintheair | Food In The Air


Food items are always better in plural. FITA got this—when it created a community of drool-worthy food content, for the foodies, by the foodies.

Follow this account—for food that comes with a view.


@thegreedyglutton | The Greedy Glutton


A food lover, exploring food joints, just like us; trying the same food, just like us—but making it look heaps better!

Follow this account—for around-the-corner eateries.


@blacktapnyc | Black Tap


Those in a New York state of mind (like we perpetually are, thanks to SATC), this is the Yankees’ way of life.

Follow this account—for some out-of-the-jar milkshake inspo.


@da.vi.de | Davide


Food lovers with a thing for the fall weather—Davide and Pedro’s (his dog) feed shall feed your soul.

Follow this account—for food that is colour coded.


@hol_fox | Holly Fox


All you cookie lovers, pastel lovers, and basically, lovers of all things pretty—this one’s ought to be a visual treat for you.

Follow this account—for food that is too pretty to eat.


@spankiet | Ankiet Gulabani


If his photography skills aren’t enough to take the cake (pun intended), take envy in knowing he’s also cooked everything in there.

Follow this account—for some flatlay inspiration.

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