A Diet Plan For Working Individuals

Written by Team BBSep 16, 2023
A diet plan for working individuals
Staying healthy and fit is so important in today’s busy life! But how does one manage to push in a healthy meal in a midst of a packed schedule? Owing to their sedentary lifestyle, office goers are always struggling to lose weight and stay fit. Follow this easy diet chart if you too are fighting to lose those extra kilos while at work.



This is the most important meal of the day but, is more often than not is replaced by a quick cup of coffee or banana when rushing for work. Take some time out but don’t give it a miss. Oats, idlis, besan cheela, omlette or boiled eggs with a slice of multigrain bread and glass of milk are a few options you could opt for. These are healthy options and will keep you full for a long time after.

Mid-morning snack
If you feel hungry around noon, don’t fight it! Instead grab a bowl of fruit or a fistful of nuts or makhaana. A glass of fruit or vegetable juice also works!




A well-balanced meal with carbohydrates, proteins, fibre and fats will help you stay up during the day. A combination of rice, roti, sabzi and dal should work well enough. Add a salad or glass of chaas in case you’re too hungry.

Evening snack
This is the danger zone! We always rush to the canteen and grab a packet of chips or biscuits to binge on with a cup of tea. Don’t give in to those oily samosas or bhajias. Nuts, makhaana, fruit, sprouts salad, yogurt are healthier options.




Go for a light and healthy meal option. Grilled meat, stir fried veggies, soup or a salad will keep you full and healthy. A good trick is to carry an egg roll or paneer roll to help you sail through while travelling back home.

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